FileExpert.net web-portal is arranged as the combined bunch of most accustomed and broadly spread file extensions, organized and filtered according to preferential criterias and areas of format exploitation. As long as the spectrum of various file designations is quite wide and differential, it would be convenient and easy to find out what does the appropriate file format you encountered with fits for, what type of content it includes, and what apps and services are able to open, review and edit them.

Overall story

The primary idea to bring up the eggs into a basket has initially appeared in July '22. After a few weeks of in-depth thorough discovery, we thought: "If a person encounters with a new extension, it would be great to let him know, what tool is able to uncover its contents, won't it? The guy would certainly save the efforts to explore the suitable app and minimize its financials expenses prior to license acquirement!" So, we managed to build-up a convenient, feature-packed and logical service which could fulfill our essential intentions into a cozy database solution.

Aims and essential targets of the project

Indeed, you may encounter competitive web-sources, which have already implemented the similar tweaks. However, the data regarding new info types and categories should be recurringly updated, and we managed to follow up this strategy by checking up recent enhancements and compatibility adjustments of the corresponding file branches. Besides, we have carefully approached to the IT trends and implemented a few unique abilities, like a chance to upload the file with unknown, recently explored file object and give us an opportunity to figure out what precisely it serves for and what products it supports, adding the updated data to the database entries, group the extension markers according to various criterias, and more.

For the users

We do our best to provide the top-notch service and convenience for our user community. However, the tech industry is constantly in progress, so if you have any suggestions which concern improvement or enhancement of the appropriate modules, feel free to send us a note, and we will think over a fresher update or a sustainable patch.

Our team

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