How to Publish Links

Linking to is a splendid solution to add particularly useful content to your web-resource. If you consider that visitors of your website may suggest the free resource useful and opportune, you may attach a link to article via one of the predefined principles, described below.

  • Put the following code to any page which you would like to attach a link to
    <a href=""></a>

The following code would initiate and publish the following link reference:

  • Moreover, you can also assign linking to particular site sections and categories, such as the Audio File Types page by embedding the code specified below:
    <a href="">Audio File Types</a>

The code above would initiate and publish the following link: Audio File Types.

  • As an alternate solution, you may choose to publish an image link, which can be initiated using the predefined code below:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/uploads/media_kit/logo.png" width="368" height="60" alt=" - The file extension guide" title=" - The file extension guide" class="fr-fic fr-dii"></a>

The code specified formerly will look exactly like this on your web-resource: - The file extension guide

If there are still any questions left not clear from our side regarding how to publish links and references to portal, please contact web-administrator.

Media Kit

The compressed package includes various variants of ad-banners, which you may freely use on your resources and foundations:


The technical part is always a cornerstone. Nevertheless, if you consider a particular innovation or adjustment of relevant item or common product logic, we are open for the communication and the suggestions from developers' side. If you desire to be involved into the supported apps' list or are the software developer who wishes to attach a new custom extension, scratch a line to our support team and we will contact with you pretty soon!