Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of personal data (hereinafter - the Privacy Policy) applies to all the information that we can get the User while using the Site.

In the Confidentiality policy we describe:

  • Which data and for what purposes we collect while you access our website.
  • What third-party services are used.
  • Cookies and how we process them.
  • Plugins for social networks.
  • General statements.

1. Which data and for what purposes we collect while you access our website

While you are accessing website, our services automatically record some sort of data into the log-file. This web-logging contains such info, as IP-address, browser type, URLs of visited pages, referenced to our resource and cookies data. Like many other web-services, we use this data for the maintenance of correct and informative operability of our website for the user. In the following way we identify the requested web-resource localization, analyze convenience facilities for the user and gain opportunities for resolving technical problems as they occur.

2. What third-party services are used

At the Site operations we use third-party services, such as Google Analytics, which provide collecting, monitoring and analysis of data to enhance website functionality and improve user’s online experience. These services afford their personal confidentiality policies, which you can refer by the following link: Google AdSense as Ad network. You can refer the service`s policies, by the following link:

3. Cookies and how we process them

Cookies are tiny text files, to which the browser records data when you visit a website. Pixels define a small piece of code on the Site page, which operates in a bundle with cookies. The usage of these files is required for proper interaction between the user and the website, and to prevent recurring visual presentation of some advertisements. All the data aggregated within cookies is transferred on the trusted principle. Therefore, any information brought in would not be published on any public resources, media or blogs and is protected from general accessibility according to local jurisdiction and laws. You can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser.

4. Plugins for social networks.

We also use social plugins on our Site. Social plugins, used on the Site, are distributed in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Your browser transfers data about the cookies into social networks, while the appropriate social network plugin is loaded by your browser. This data contains information about your usage of the SIte. If you are logged into a social network account, this data will be attached to your logging info, already recorded in the social networks area.

5. General statements

Actual Confidentiality policy can be subject to change by the Site management without approval from the user’s part. New Confidentiality policy takes effect from the moment of its publication on the Site, if other conditions are not provided by the new edition of Confidentiality policy. All proposals and questions regarding the actual Confidentiality policy should be referred by the e-mail:

Updated "1" March 2023