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πŸ“Œ The .NCX technical specification suggests integration of the table of contents within the format, designed in accordance with the XML-oriented Open Packaging Format (OPF) terms, distinguished as a compound part of the EPUB Ebook license. Essentially, the .NCX layout stores the document author and title, as well as the navigation points for the respective eBook. At most, the .NCX extension definition is eligible for processing and covering up compound elements of an overall .EPUB archive entry. Following the distinctive terms of the Open Packaging Format 2.0 specification, .NCX records are suggested to be generated alongside with a proper .OPF data item, which includes the linear reading order and other certain eBook metadata and content. As long as .NCX elements are stored in a plain and clear textual representation, there is no need to decode the file contents from the encrypted shape or extract the target sample composition from an archived set.

How to open an .NCX file?

πŸ“Œ The .NCX file elements can be opened, adjusted and visualized by various tools and packages. On the first hand, it is reasonable to make use of Adobe Digital Editions or Adobe InDesign program sets, which primarily serve for reading e-content encoded and packaged in .NCX representation among other competitive digital containers. Besides, it is worth trying to install KDE Okular or FBReader toolkits, able to perfectly comprehend, monitor and track the .NCX item composition and structure. Any of these e-readers may also accurately and gently open up and explore the .NCX record layout and hierarchy. At last, one more in-time solution is a Calibre tool, obviously able to convert the .NCX schema logic into one of alternate shapes, more commonly and broadly supported by mobile or desktop e-readers, such as FullReader, Moon+ Reader, or AlReader, configurable and adapted for being utilized within Android or iOS infrastructure. However, the basic .NCX file composition can be reviewed and researched on the Windows, Linux, or macOS systems only.

Programs to open .NCX file - EPUB Navigation Control XML File

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