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πŸ“Œ .JFPROJ extension type suits for font project files generated by Microsoft Font Maker, a designated text authoring suite for Windows platform. In short, the .JFPROJ file instance includes a symbolic schema which relies on the user penmanship recorded from an electronic pen device attached to the active computer or tablet. Moreover, the designated file category also includes the glyphs which form the alphabet and other typical symbols, data regarding the space between words and characters and the size of the final font and several notable sentences noted up by the user as the .JFPROJ file samples. The format category is strictly utilized by Microsoft Font Maker toolkit for making and opening new font files, unexceptionally.

How to open an .JFPROJ file?

πŸ“Œ .JFPROJ format subtype is encountered only when you are attempting to draw and design a new custom font for your project (game, printed makeup, stylish graphical editor, etc.). The .JFPROJ file technology itself is strictly associated with the Microsoft Font Maker bundle, originally utilized for designer’s aims. If you wish to open a freshly designed .JFPROJ symbol layout with Microsoft Font Maker utility, click the β€œOpen” pictogram in the main menu of the suite and specify the path to the actual file on the hard disk. After editing of a new font is accomplished, your creative .JFPROJ model can be seamlessly exported to .TTF format, entirely compliant with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word program packages.

Programs to open .JFPROJ file - JSON Font Project File

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