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πŸ“Œ The .ADD extension category concerns the data file, related to the application developer documentation, utilized and opened by Microsoft Dynamics AX, a business-oriented ERP package with CRM and financial management modules. In practice, .ADD resources are composed of development help documentation for using the Dynamics AX tool, mentioned earlier. All of the internal .ADD data is arranged and grouped according to the language criteria in order to facilitate and simplify direct access to the file composition and structure. Therefore, the container mainly served for application developer targets and doesn’t describe the means and services of Dynamics AX suite itself.

How to open an .ADD file?

πŸ“Œ .ADD definitions can be opened up and discovered by Dynamics AX ERP-package, unexceptionally. According to the modular hierarchy of the suite, you can use and open the .ADD object contents to find out the description of developer’s classes and methods, applied during building and designing of the new add-on or plugin in scope of complex Dynamics AX project. The format is entirely compliant with Windows editions of actual and former generations disregarding its release date and period of technical maintenance. Therefore, you cannot figure out the internal composition of the .ADD file instance within macOS and Linux environments.

Programs to open .ADD file - Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File

  • Windows
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  • Microsoft Corporation
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