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πŸ“Œ .MSI data container is considered as a Windows package which includes installation data for a specific installer, among which are precise installation locations and paths and files themselves to be installed. In common, the .MSI sources can be applied for Windows updates or external third-party software installers. On the composition and structure, the .MSI-based packages are quite identical to .EXE executables. Therefore, both of them are applied to open, preinstall and launch Windows apps and utilities. The essential difference between .MSI and .EXE extensions is that the .MSIs always contain installers, while the .EXE containers do not and may easily execute the program they include after a double-click on the disk entry.

How to open an .MSI file?

πŸ“Œ While you are interacting with the Windows environment, you may effortlessly open the .MSI category with a bare double click. After this step is accomplished, you would preinstall the relevant Windows updates or program solutions included into your .MSI entry. As long as the object definition is also related to compressed archives, you may also extract their contents to reveal the internal files they are composed of. For instance, you may refer to WinRAR or WinZip archiver to explore the internal .MSI file layout and hierarchy. The format is smoothly supported and can be effortlessly opened up by both proprietary and freeware archivers.

Programs to open .MSI file - Windows Installer Package

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