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πŸ“Œ !BT technical format references the partially downloaded data records, built, tracked and opened by BitTorrent, a comprehensive program client for downloading torrents from web and online sources. Accurately, the file samples are employed by all-in-progress downloads in case the β€œAppend .!bt to incomplete files” tweak is settled within BitTorrent internal settings. Therefore, BitTorrent automatically truncates the β€œ.!bt” entitlement from the respective file name in the background mode at once after the file download is entirely accomplished. The data entities are utilized only within the Windows-based edition of BitTorrent client.

How to open an .!BT file?

πŸ“Œ !BT files are monitored, reviewed and opened by BitTorrent Classic, a powerful, modern torrent client for downloading various digital resources from trackers. According to a plain and transparent structure of the resulting .!BT container area, the file is handled automatically and serves as a temporary entitlement for incomplete downloads. Hereby, it is not suggested to be opened up and manipulated in the manual way, as long the .!BT definition operates similarly to cache, which is cleared automatically on the recurring principle. The extension is natively compatible with Windows environments, unexceptionally, and cannot be maintained on alternate desktop versions of BitTorrent Classic distributive installer.

Programs to open .!BT file - BitTorrent Incomplete Download File

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