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πŸ“Œ Obviously, the typical .APPLICATION file is generated and built up for ClickOnce, a powerful Microsoft framework exploited to implement custom Windows apps over the Web-area. Precisely, the .APPLICATION entries store and open up custom program implementation properties in an XML representation, including dependency branches, deployment options and parameters, app description, version, and name. Besides, the specific .APPLICATION extension structure may be composed of relevant digital signatures. In a few words, .APPLICATION resources serve to provide easy β€œone-click” implementations of custom user-level Windows tools. Besides, they possess a corresponding .APPREF-MS marker that serves to activate a certain ClickOne option for a program, which is subsequently executed in scope of the .NET Framework in Windows infrastructure. The .APPLICATION entry value is mainly oriented onto the internal ClickOnce targets and aims and is limited to this individual entry type solely.

How to open an .APPLICATION file?

πŸ“Œ The .APPLICATION files are mainly opened up, operated, and managed by Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Framework and a few complementary app types, responsible for productive applet implementation, deployment and scalability in corporate manufacturing, accounting, inventorying, and technical infrastructures. Therefore, you may gently explore and discover the .APPLICATION entry contents with a powerful SDK or development environment, which is capable of researching definitive source code, its hierarchy and composition in the correct and implicit principle. The .APPLICATION file items are transparently and flexibly opened up and monitored in scope of Windows infrastructure solely, while macOS and Linux devices are not able to comprehend and investigate the proper file sample layout and mark-up. If you require to reveal the requested .APPLICATION entry logic and composition, apparently any of Windows development environments would perfectly suit.

Programs to open .APPLICATION file - ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File

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