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๐Ÿ“Œ In fact, a .DS_STORE file principle is established on the basis of internal viewing settings for a particular directory in macOS (Mac OS X) infrastructure. In detail, the .DS_STORE variation stores advanced metadata regarding the layout of icons in an active macOS window, what view parameter has been formerly opened up and selected in the shell environment (column, list, or icon), the directoryโ€™s window size, and window location. As the practice unleashes, .DS_STORE item content is typically invisible, although it may be transformed to visual state when being restored from a backup, copied to a Windows computer, or copied over a network facility. The .DS_STORE file schema can be easily deleted from within a disk catalog without influencing any of the content inside a relevant directory. If the target .DS_STORE object item appears deleted, the respective directory will be opened by involving the default view parameters of the Finder window. A crucial note: DS abbreviation entitlement ordinarily stands for the โ€œDesktop Servicesโ€ term.

How to open an .DS_STORE file?

๐Ÿ“Œ The .DS_STORE entry content, structure, and logic is perfectly recognized, identified, and operated by Mac OS X Finder utility, embedded into all actual system editions and builds. At the same time, it is persistently not recommended, suggested, and expected to open up the composition and build-up of .DS_STORE extension record in the manual principle or approach.

Programs to open .DS_STORE file - Mac OS X Folder Settings File

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  • Mac OS X Finder (not opened manually)Mac OS X Finder (not opened manually)
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