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Fritz TableBase

β‡’ Category:Game Files
β‡’ Developer:ChessBase GmbH

πŸ“Œ In exceptional preconditions, the .EMD format arrangement can rely on the tablebase applied and opened up by the desktop chess-playing platform such as ChessBase Fritz. Typically, the .EMD file schema comprises a database of moves the program utilizes to play various endgame sequences and turns. Using the .EMD technological principle, instead of procedurally picking peculiar moves, the player can significantly speed up the endgame play of various assigned chess-playing platforms and solutions. ChessBase Fritz is a globally recognized chess-playing toolkit that permits users to play chess against an AI with variable levels of difficulty and proficiency. Designated software solutions like Fritz make service of endgame databases more commonly spread and known as .EMD tablebases, to play certain predefined endgame sequences in the perfect way and degree of comprehension. For instance, if a relevant game has entered an endgame state in which the human player has only a queen and a king, and Fritz still controls a bishop, rook, and king, Fritz can make use of the .EMD data pattern to select its desired moves for the whole rest of the game. Each of the .EMD arrangements includes data on a certain endgame state, in which each distinctive player has a unique set of pieces left. In order to assist them playing more efficiently and fluently, chess-playing packages can β€œthread” .EMD items together or reference the appropriate .EMD items while picking procedurally-analyzed moves. This hint allows the program solutions to better work and plan towards future more profitable and prospective game conditions.

ABT Extended Module

β‡’ Category:Audio Files

πŸ“Œ An .EMD file container is normally associated with the audio samples stored and encoded in the ABT Extended MoDule representation. As a matter of fact, the .EMD data resources can be easily and effortlessly opened up and reproduced in the audio tracker and are generally exploited for creating music and audio-tracks. The .EMD file layout specification was founded and developed in 1994. In the full entitlement of the extension, ABT abbreviation stands for the Advanced 16-Bit Tracker term.

How to open an .EMD file?

πŸ“Œ Most of all, the .EMD file elements are perfectly recognized, monitored, and opened by Awave Studio audio tracker, oriented on composing audio tracks and sequences. In other common situations, the .EMD content can be sustained, handled, and operated by ChessBase Fritz, a AI-based game for playing chess with configurable levels of proficiency and advancement.

Programs to open .EMD file - Fritz TableBase

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Programs to open .EMD file - ABT Extended Module

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