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πŸ“Œ The .OSR format definition is oriented on game replay generated and opened by osu!, a rhythmic game that allows players to synchronize mouse clicks with music track or audio composition. As a rule, .OSR data type stores a recording of a tune played back by the user, in addition to the player ranking, misses and hits, score, date played, and name. Accurately, the .OSR extension category is frequently utilized for opening up and sharing replays with friends through particular designated online gaming services. In osu! app, the replays can be saved at the ending of a relevant game via a sole click on export replay or save replay feature.

How to open an .OSR file?

πŸ“Œ .OSR file serves as an internal container for musical tracks imported, opened and played back into osu! gaming editor. The user can seamlessly build new custom instances of .OSR objects using the internal import feature or transferring the processed audio tunes from other osu! players across the web. The file examples can also be downloaded across internal osu! web-service, integrated into the audio-game. The .OSR file category is supported by Windows platform only, and cannot be used in other peculiar desktop systems and environments, as well as on smartphones and Android/iOS tablets.

Programs to open .OSR file - Osu! Game Replay

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