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Pokemon Wonder Card File

⇒ Category:Game Files
⇒ Developer:Pokémon Mystery Gift Editor

📌 This corresponding .PCD format container serves for storing data for Pokemon franchise games for the portable Nintendo DS gaming device. Precisely, the following .PCD file branch stores appropriate data for a Wonder Card, which can be included into a “mystery gift” obtained from the internal NPC deliveryman at the Poke Mart. Accurately, the aforementioned .PCD subcategory unlocks events and items in the game. In practice, the Wonder Card data is stored within Pokemon saved games (.SAV entries), which are initiated and generated on genuine Nintendo DS cartridges. Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor and Pokesav suites are afforded an ability to modify and alter .PCD samples, while Pokesav is granted a chance to finally import them to the existing .SAV file instances. This custom .PCD record structure is exploited solely by Nintendo DS consoles (specifically, by Pokemon-related entertainment products and services).

Kodak Photo CD Image

⇒ Category:Raster Image Files
⇒ Developer:Kodak

📌 Typically, the .PCD container stands out as a graphical image stored in the proprietary Kodak Photo CD (PCD) structure. In the following way, the .PCD format division maintains and handles a digital copy of an actual photograph which has been formerly scanned by Kodak’s hardware oriented for photo processing purposes and saved on the burned compact disk (CD) carrier. The original intention of the Kodak company, the initial founder and developer of the .PCD specification, was to provide final users a chance to sustain and store their physically made .PCD photo-shots in a digital constitution on a Photo CD disk. After the image is transferred to the CD, the resulting disk could be inserted into the computer to properly adjust and review the .PCD file contents with a designated image editor, archive them instead, or execute other required actions. In case the outcome .PCD graphic item is scanned with genuine photo-processing hardware from Kodak enterprise, the default resolution of the image is set to 3072x2048 pixels.

Pure Component Data File

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:ChemSep

📌 This predefined .PCD format area is recognized and opened as a chemical data file generated by ChemSep, a column simulator for absorption, extraction, and distillation processes. Accurately, this custom .PCD entry constitution is composed of the T, EOS, molecular, critical correlations, and other relevant data for various components, which involve bromobenzene, aniline, carbon dioxide, cyclohexanone, phenol, and benzene. Data stored within .PCD entities is available in the International System of Units (SI) grid, excluding the molar amounts, recorded in kmol. You can review, monitor, and track the inclusive content within the ChemSep PCD records due to interaction with the PCDmanager utility, runnable from the Databanks -> Pure components data (PCD/PCT) menu item. The internal data embedded into the .PCD resources is handled and maintained in binary representation, while .PCT entries store integrated content in textual shape.

How to open an .PCD file?

📌 Commonly, the .PCD entries are perfectly supported and sustained by any typical image editors and graphical viewers, such as IrfanView, XnViewMP, ACDSee Photo Studio, Corel PaintShop Pro, GraphicConverter, and other related toolkits. In the exceptional situations, you may need to refer to Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor or Pokesav editors, able to open up the internal .PCD record contents from the gaming products, oriented on the Pokemon franchise and runnable from the official Nintendo DS console platform. In the rest of the conditions, pay attention and give a try to the ChemSep and AmsterCHEM COCO suites, column simulators for various chemical operations, executed in the laboratory clauses. However, the latter .PCD uncovering case is encountered the rarest, sooner plain graphical viewer or editor is absolutely sufficient. Depending on the file origins, sometimes the .PCD extension is able to be opened up within mobile systems and shells, such as Android or iOS. Nevertheless, for maximum assurance consider the preliminary installation of a Windows, macOS or Linux system on PC or laptop to reveal the desired .PCD entry composition.

Programs to open .PCD file - Pokémon Wonder Card File

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Programs to open .PCD file - Pure Component Data File

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Programs to open .PCD file - Kodak Photo CD Image

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