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Hasselblad RAW Image

β‡’ Category:Camera Raw Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Hasselblad

πŸ“Œ In the usual way, an .FFF file extension relates to the camera raw images, initiated and shot by corresponding digital cameras of Hasselblad trademark, among which are X1D II 50C and H6D-400C MS models. Generally, the .FFF container holds uncompressed visual image data exactly as it was captured by the CCD-matrix. Therefore, this transparent .FFF logic permits to sustain images in higher resolution in comparison with the image data. Proficient operators are used to manage .FFF file samples as long as they handle images in higher resolution, which they can refine and adjust in the more accurate principle. It should be miscellaneously specified, that the source .FFF items may congest quite a lot of disk space (up to 100s of Mbs).

MAGGI Face File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:SOLution LABoratory

πŸ“Œ This proper .FFF format category is designated for storing facial designs, built up by MAGGI - Hairstyles & Cosmetics Software, a toolkit applied for the creation of cosmetics and hairstyles mockups. Precisely, this relevant .FFF extension area serves for storing settings for the brush, lipliner, lipstick, eyes, and hairstyle. Furthermore, the corresponding .FFF instance can be afterwards exported to a .JPG object in order to properly share the outcome file item with others. It should be strictly specified that the MAGGI toolkit is no longer handled and supported up to the actual software market conditions. The latest generations of operating systems, compatible with the suite, are legacy Windows Vista and XP.

Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank

β‡’ Category:Audio Files

πŸ“Œ The actual .FFF entry subtype concerns the collection of sound samples which can be opened, played back and reproduced from the Gravis UltraSound (GUS) sound card, connected in accordance with plug-and-play method. The following .FFF record definition is oriented on tuning the hardware sound card devices, which you expect to test prior to further usage and application in your domestic infrastructure or mainframe. In an actual moment of time, this precise .FFF file container is rarely used due to entirely automated download of all required drivers from the Windows Update Center, without excessive user interference, so that you may test the sound card directly on any media or audio-player.

How to open an .FFF file?

πŸ“Œ .FFF info entities can be accurately opened up, reviewed and modified by multiple graphical studios and solutions (for instance, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, and others), in case the original .FFF record belongs to the camera raw resources category. On the other hand, if the source .FFF record has been initially made up by MAGGI - Hairstyles & Cosmetics Software suite, you need to preinstall the aforementioned distributive package from the third-party online-portal prior to opening up the resulting .FFF sample. The exceptional case of the .FFF object composition is the audio file, which you would rarely encounter in actual networking clauses.

Programs to open .FFF file - Hasselblad RAW Image

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS

Programs to open .FFF file - MAGGI Face File

  • Windows

Programs to open .FFF file - Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File

  • Windows
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