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πŸ“Œ An .NEF format specification relies on raw photo-shots generated by a digital camera of Nikon trademark. In common, this type of content is stored within a non-compressed Nikon Electronic Format (NEF), which handles and opens photo data precisely in the same way as it has been shot by CCD. In addition, .NEF resources also include image metadata, that involves the camera lens and ID which was formerly used by the photographer. The designated extension standard is compatible with 14-bit or 12-bit resolutions, taking into account the camera applied for capturing the image. Modifications to the original visual image are stored in the form of instruction sets, which offers the user a way to revert the shot to the original state.

How to open an .NEF file?

πŸ“Œ An .NEF container can be easily opened up, modified and tuned by the most accustomed graphical editors, where you may also apply hue, saturation, brightness, effects, filters and other types of custom enhancements. At last, you may decompress the .NEF file instances to alternate third-party formats due to full-based compatibility of the file specification with various converters, available for unrestricted download from the official web-portals. In conclusion, you may process and open .NEF resources directly from the browser, without preinstalling the diverse packages and toolkits.

Programs to open .NEF file - Nikon Electronic Format Camera RAW Image

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