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πŸ“Œ An .RW2 data category is associated with the raw camera images, shot by the digital cameras manufactured by Panasonic company, that belong to the LUMIX generation. Among the examples of such optical devices are LX5 and LX3 models. The file container is composed of RAW raster images as generated by the optical sensor of the camera. On the structure and logic the .RW2 file samples are pretty similar to .RWL and .RAW formats and mainly correspond to the TIFF graphical standard specification. .RW2 belongs to the proprietary format categories, and stores and opens internal data in the uncompressed shape.

How to open an .RW2 file?

πŸ“Œ .RW2 raw graphical files can be essentially uncovered, opened and configured by multiple graphical editors after they are captured by a digital camera of Panasonic LUMIX trademark. If you are not eligible to make camera shots in order to generate .RW2 visual content, you may effortlessly download aforementioned object instances from various photostocks and online galleries, available within the web. As long as the data within .RW2 instances is uncompressed, the outcome image is opened and appears of higher quality than other compressed formats provide, such as .PNG and .JPG. Moreover, such an internal layout of the tech logic considers sustainably larger file sizes in comparison with compressed, encoded graphical extensions.

Programs to open .RW2 file - Panasonic Lumix RAW Image

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