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Rawzor Compressed Image

β‡’ Category:Camera Raw Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Rawzor

πŸ“Œ One more auxiliary .RWZ format subarea is related to the graphical image file designed by Rawzor Photo, a lossless image compression and encoding utility applied for compressing camera raw graphics by 20% to 60%. Besides, the .RWZ entries can be built up and generated with the assistance of Rawzor SDK, which is smoothly incorporated into particular digital photo editing suites. .RWZ extension technique mainly serves for saving and economy of disk space resources. As long as they do not lose any relevant image quality or compression ratio, Rawzor .RWZ files can appear quite handy and in-time when capturing thousands or hundreds of photos, precisely when archiving them on external media resources or storage disks. Currently the Rawzor Photo project is remaining in a discontinued development state, so the .RWZ data technology has also become pretty rare and extinct. Nevertheless, you may still tackle individual .RWZ file nodes on outdated FTP-servers or external media, which handle the .RWZ file structures in the encoded shape in order to economize the disk space and increase the available storage capacity.

Outlook Rules Wizard File

β‡’ Category:Miscellaneous Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ The primary, essential .RWZ specification assignment correlates with an email rules container designed by Microsoft Outlook, a top-notch calendar and email program distributive. In general, the .RWZ entries hold and store custom email filters, which specify actions to take for email messages that fit in accordance with a particular set of criteria. Appropriately, the .RWZ definition stores and opens up all appropriate rules for an email account. Rules files are frequently applied for automatic deletion of SPAM messages, and they are also broadly utilized for organizing incoming emails into distinguished folders. For instance, a specific user could specify that all emails distinguished by an unidentified or unknown sender could be allocated within the β€œunknown” email inbox category. As the practice witnesses, .RWZ file content is maintained by Outlook in the automatic approach. Nevertheless, if you desire to export certain .RWZ rules, pick Tools -> Rules Wizard -> Options menu item and choose the β€œExport Rules” element from the pop-up dialog box.

How to open an .RWZ file?

πŸ“Œ In fact, the .RWZ schema is ideally eligible for being processed and opened by Microsoft Outlook app client, which may monitor and track all incoming email correspondence and allocate the SPAM messages into the designated file folder, specified by the user beforehand. Also you may interact with the .RWZ file samples by involving Microsoft Outlook 365 web-service, runnable and accessible from an appropriate web-browser. This clause is especially helpful and worthy if you don’t desire to pre-install complementary software tools on your desktop device or gadget. On the other hand, the .RWZ file content can be opened up and researched by Rawzor Photo or Microsoft Photos image editors, considering the situation when the target .RWZ element is composed of encoded graphics shot by a peculiar camera and compressed via Rawzor algorithm method. The .RWZ technological principle is widely compatible with Windows or macOS operating architectures, and therefore .RWZ records cannot be accessed by Linux infrastructure or any of their related forks or distributions.

Programs to open .RWZ file - Rawzor Compressed Image

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Programs to open .RWZ file - Outlook Rules Wizard File

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