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Publish-iT Document

β‡’ Category:Page Layout Files
β‡’ Developer:Poster

πŸ“Œ Accurately, the accustomed .DTP file nodes can be defined as page layout objects generated and opened with Publish-iT desktop publishing (DTP) app bundle. In common, the .DTP logic may suggest internal availability of multiple pages, special page formatting, images, and text within the predefined data entity constitution. As the practice shows up, the .DTP mechanics and principles are frequently exploited for creating brochures, newsletters, or other categories of printed materials. In majority of the clauses, the basic .DTP hierarchy and build-up can be smoothly and fluently exported to the .PDF visual representation with the interference of Publish-iT program distributive. Also the further refinement and enhancement of the .DTP product initiative is frozen and paused, you may still acquire the ready-made Publish-iT installer for older revisions of Windows platform from the official developer’s repository on the commercial fondation. Appropriately, the .DTP tech covered Publish-iT is adapted for Windows Vista and preceding shell builds, while Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11, and all forthcoming system editions are not supported yet.

dotTrace Profile File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:JetBrains

πŸ“Œ Besides, in certain occasions the .DTP file category may be focused on the data objects generated, composed, and revealed by JetBrains dotTrace, a profiling utility fit for gathering and analysis of performance trackers which accumulate data from .NET Core and .NET program solutions. Precisely, the noted .DTP schema includes a profile snapshot, which combines concurrency or performance metrics aggregated and accumulated by dotTrace and serves for monitoring and research of the certain product performance and response times. In order to open up a desirable .DTP file element in dotTrace profiler, pick Open Snapshot option in the HomeΒ snap-in and navigate to the relevant .DTP object you intend to process. As the practical experience shows up, .DTP source may comprise various diagnostic metrics considering how exactly the profile was configured and tweaked by the appropriate user. There are two primary subdivisions of profiles which should be specified at once:

  • Timeline Profile - The analysis and discovery of various areas of performances, particularly those metrics where the order of events plays an especially notable role
  • Performance Profile - The research of the overall performance ratio.

How to open an .DTP file?

πŸ“Œ Any of the .DTP file variations are mainly supported by Windows architectures solely. In case the peculiar .DTP element is composed of page layout specification, it is recommended to make use of a bit outdated Publish-iT bundle, which magnificently suits for creating and opening .DTP covered layouts of distinguished merchandise and printed materials, such as envelopes, postcards, calendars, business cards, etc. In the rest of the common situations, the target .DTP data notes can be vividly explored and adjusted by JetBrains dotTrace suite, also strictly consistent and focused on Windows infrastructure. As it is clear from the former description, none of macOS and Linux workframes and network stations are capable of uncovering and revealing the .DTP elements composition and build-up. Besides, up to the current moment of time the Publish-iT suite is unsupported by all contemporary Windows editions, starting from Windows 7 and up to the present ones. However, there is no basic or advanced compliance with the .DTP file extension for any alternate products, except that certain desktop publishing utility.

Programs to open .DTP file - Publish-iT Document

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Programs to open .DTP file - dotTrace Profile File

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