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ProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template

β‡’ Category:Page Layout Files
β‡’ Developer:Step Function

πŸ“Œ Another apparent case of the .PDM arrangement employment correlates with a ProntoDoc for Word (PDW), a compound Word plug-in applied for auto-generating and filling various document templates. Particularly, the current .PDM schema includes the overall page structure of a relevant template as well as blank fields that are consecutively filled by data from one or multiple source databases (Oracle, SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL Server are compatible with the .PDM extension technology). Indeed, this particular .PDM format variation is applied for generating content conforming to the HTML5 standard, which can be also fluently, steadily, and seamlessly reviewed on mobile devices or gadgets. As the principle claims, the ProntoDoc for Word plugin is generally utilized by business environments and architectures for generating compound tailored reports and other business materials.

PowerDesigner Database File

β‡’ Category:Database Files
β‡’ Developer:SAP

πŸ“Œ Most often, the .PDM container branch is associated with a database generated and formed by Sybase PowerDesigner, an enterprise design and modeling package. Indeed, the following .PDM schema embraces diverse database information as well as accurate references to other file objects, such as the model definition (.XEM) and database definition (.XDB) objects. Furthermore, .PDM record entries can also be retrieved and opened with the QDesigner bundle, designed and developed by Quest Software corporate studio. Regretfully, in 2006 the owner of the QDesigner trademark has ceased the further maintenance and enhancement of the product. Originally, the PowerDesigner brand has been promoted and distributed by Sybase corporate organization, which was later acquired and consumed by SAP group.

VB Project Information File

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ More than that, in other uncommon cases the .PDM build-up can interfere with text files composed of one or more scripts along with the information regarding the deployment and packaging of a certain Visual Basic (VB) app or add-on. Therefore, this concrete .PDM basement encompasses all required files, the name or entitlement of the script(s), and installation locations. The .PDM packages are made up for an appropriate project when an additional deployment phase occurs. New deployment/package .PDM related scripts are written to the very start of the respective project’s .PDM instance.

Photo DVD Maker Project

β‡’ Category:Settings Files
β‡’ Developer:Anvsoft Inc

πŸ“Œ As a cherry on the pie, the .PDM composition can also be comprehended as a project designed and composed by Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker, a Windows package suitable for creating photo slide-shows and afterwards burning them on DVD discs. Specifically, the noted .PDM arrangement includes relevant information regarding a slide-show project, such as paths to images in the slide-show, predefined theme, and edits. By the way, .PDM structure also embraces diverse metadata, such as the names of albums in the project and the entitlement of the outcome project. In order to open up and retrieve an existing .PDM project contents in Photo DVD Maker bundle, pick File -> Open option from the primary app menu. In order to create a new .PDM layout in the identical software distributive, make the choice of File -> Save or Save As… branch node. The .PDM file pattern grants users an opportunity to save edits they make to the project when you close the suite, and then re-open the active project for further adjustment and refinement. After applying final corrections to the .PDM element, you may easily burn it to a DVD carrier, export it to MPEG or Flash extension shape, or upload it to the selected web-portal. As long as .PDM entities hold the locations of audios and images loaded into the project, it is insistently recommended not to move the media assets after loading them into the .PDM project timeline, otherwise you would be obliged to load the media resources once again, from scratch.

How to open an .PDM file?

πŸ“Œ As a rule, the .PDM container class commonly corresponds to the SAP PowerDesigner or Quest Software QDesigner toolkits, adapted for this certain technique. Instead, it may occur that Microsoft Word with ProntoDoc for Word module pre-installed within the word processor environment may be required for recognizing the .PDM record coverage. More than that, in exceptional preconditions the .PDM branch node category can be focused on the Microsoft Visual Studio SDK or any accustomed text editor, able to track and review the target .PDM item composition. Finally, the conclusive case requires the Photo DVD Maker suite to be set up and configured to properly examine and open the requested .PDM entry build-up.

Programs to open .PDM file - ProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template

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Programs to open .PDM file - Photo DVD Maker Project

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Programs to open .PDM file - VB Project Information File

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Programs to open .PDM file - PowerDesigner Database File

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  • 🌐 Software
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  • SAP
  • Quest Software QDesigner
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