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β‡’ Category:Page Layout Files
β‡’ Developer:Broderbund Software, Inc

πŸ“Œ The essential designation of the .PDG compound file category refers to the page design initiated, opened up, and shaped by Print Shop Deluxe, a solid and scalable publishing program package focused on printing diverse promotional prints from the Broderbund programming studio. This certain branch of the .PDG tree node embraces page layout meta-markers, text, and graphical elements. In practice, the current .PDG data file composition can be employed for saving and opening newsletters, invitations, calendars, brochures, and other printed merchandise materials. As a matter of fact, the .PDG data layout is employed and utilized by older revisions of Print Shop Deluxe suite.

How to open an .PDG file?

πŸ“Œ The current file extension principle is solely operated, monitored, examined, and opened by Print Shop Deluxe, a copyrighted software product owned by Broderbund corporate trademark. By the way, the aforementioned format hierarchy and logic is maintained, handled, and surveyed only in scope of Windows-based devices and environments.

Programs to open .PDG file - Print Shop Deluxe Design File

  • Windows
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