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πŸ“Œ An .OFD compound file basement refers to the document built, opened up, and established by OfficeForms, a flexible desktop solution for creation and distribution of forms designed by Toplevel Computing company. Precisely, the .OFD data arrangement encompasses a form that a user can easily and seamlessly alter due to assistance of OfficeForms bundle or fill out by interacting with the Toplevel Form Filler suite. The .OFD sample file records were most frequently utilized by government agencies in the United Kingdom to flawlessly open and transmit proper data between corporate departments and employees. While Form Filler and OfficeForms distributive sets were once applied by a broad range of businesses and government agencies, nowadays the suite appears completely obsolete. In the actual moment of time, the Toplevel trademark is consumed by Equiniti brand, which offers a powerful all-in-one electronic communication architecture environment entitled as EQ Outreach instead of OfficeForms and other designated .OFD tech covered Toplevel software initiatives and projects.

How to open an .OFD file?

πŸ“Œ Although the .OFD schema pattern is natively operated, opened, and supported by Toplevel OfficeForms and Form Filler distributives, currently they cannot be acquired or downloaded from the official server or repository. Instead, it is suggested to have a closer look at Kofax OmniPage utility, also capable of visually demonstrating and reprojecting the .OFD file extension resources.

Programs to open .OFD file - OfficeForms Document

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  • Tungsten Automation Corporation
  • Toplevel OfficeFormsToplevel OfficeForms
  • Toplevel Form FillerToplevel Form Filler
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