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Kivio Flow Chart

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β‡’ Developer:theKompany

πŸ“Œ Besides, the .FLW sample branch can be defined as a compound file item which includes a flow chart generated by Kivio, an open source Linux tool eligible for creating sophisticated .FLW embraced flow charts and other categories of visual diagrams and schemes. Essentially, this proper .FLW record area is designated for storing data grouped and arranged into interconnected objects that shape and constitute an outcome process, such as fixing an automated machine or managing the instructions for creating a certain document. Generally, the .FLW file content is handled and sustained in the .XML logical representation. In practice, the .FLW resources can be seamlessly opened, uncovered, and revealed only by Kivio, which is shared and distributed as a compound component of KOffice distribution package. When the further development and support of KOffice project has ceased in 2010, Kivio was finally merged with Calligra Flow, which is now remaining an integral part of the complex Calligra Suite. Regretfully, the compatibility for .FLW data standard has been consecutively removed when Kivio was integrated into Calligra Flow project, in the outcome.

Fusion Flow File

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β‡’ Developer:Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd

πŸ“Œ This custom .FLW entry variation fits for storing, opening, and processing flow files generated by Fusion, a comprehensive software product for compositing various visual effects. Essentially, the .FLW format schema stores a certain project, which involves color channel, image, camera angle, and frame information. One more important note: with the release of Fusion 5 edition the .FLW file extension methodology has been superseded with a newer .COMP specification, actual up to nowadays.

How to open an .FLW file?

πŸ“Œ At most, the .FLW data structure can be extracted, opened, visualized and reproduced by Blackmagic Design Fusion. Although the technology is pretty outdated and archaic, the .FLW file principle is still supported by all editions of Fusion suite. Besides, it is worthy to experiment with Kivio utility, formerly distributed as an integral, embedded software solution in scope of KOffice bundle before it has been finally merged into Calligra Flow, distributed in sync with the actual Calligra Suite.

Programs to open .FLW file - Kivio Flow Chart

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  • KivioKivio

Programs to open .FLW file - Fusion Flow File

  • Windows
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