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First Choice Spreadsheet

β‡’ Category:Spreadsheet Files

πŸ“Œ One more clause of the .FCS file layout exploitation refers to the First Choice productivity suite. This subcategory of .FCS format type is recognized as a spreadsheet item, designated for mathematical analysis, statistical discoveries, various arithmetical computations, drawing saturated charts and diagrams, building 3D models of various business processes, trends and workflows, and performing other activities. The .FCS First Choice was particularly handy and eligible in an earlier period of time. Therefore, nowadays the First Choice project compliant with .FCS methods and principles is long ago terminated its existence, advancement and optimization. Modern editions of Windows shells are not consistent with the distributive, and can not reveal the noted .FCS item structure and composition. Even in its fame years the .FCS related project could not boast with a large amount of community members, solid fan-base and extended featured variety, embedded into the installer package.

Flow Cytometry Standard File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:ISAC

πŸ“Œ The current .FCS data file standard is utilized for reading and writing flow cytometry experiment content, acquired by scientific means. Accurately, the actual .FCS container branch includes one or several data sets, distinguished as a collection of information produced by a cytometer. The .FCS specification is completely designed, settled, opened and handled by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC). The .FCS item composition has been initially arranged in 1984 and became an ultimate worldwide standard maintained by a major quantity of flow .FCS bundled cytometry hardware and software. Flow .FCS cytometry can be recognized and described as a biophysical technological principle for analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of particles as they pass across a laser beam. In the meantime, the .FCS schema is employed for cell counting, protein engineering, biomarker detection, and cell sorting aims, and applied in clinical practice, clinical trials, and basic research areas and fields.

FCEUX Save State File

β‡’ Category:Game Files

πŸ“Œ The .FCS extension definition may also be oriented onto the save states generated by FCEUX, a top-notch freeware Famicom Disk System, Famicom, and NES emulator. Essentially, the aforementioned .FCS entry category stores the complete state of a game at a particular point of time. After the FCEUX emulator is properly installed and configured, the target .FCS entries along with other FCEUX file resources are located within the ~/.fceux disk folder. FCEUX project stands out as an advanced, improved, .FCS settled released edition of the FCE Ultra emulator package. It is strictly designed to provide features and abilities from various distinguished FCE Ultra forks and branches, such as FCEUXDSP, FCEUXD, and FCEU rerecording. The noted FCEUX emulator provides an opportunity to easily run any Famicom or NES ROMS, dumped from the original cartridges and reproducing the genuine structure and content of the console cartridge. Before the game ROM can be runnable, the product owner is suggested to obtain a console BIOS, which allows a user to apply all of the primary FCEUX features and tweaks on the emulated infrastructure.

How to open an .FCS file?

πŸ“Œ Most often, the .FCS entry definition is explored, uncovered, revealed and opened up by the V-Comp toolset, primarily designated for combining and analyzing various cytometry experiment data. Since 1984 the .FCS technological basement has been acknowledged as an ultimate standard for flow cytometry aims and purposes. In other preconditions, the .FCS extension elements are opened and processed by FCEUX Famicom/NES emulator. Therefore, after you load a respective file game into the FCEUX shell, you are able to save the actual progress state within the game into an external .FCS file instance. Hereby, after your gaming session is over, you may return to the same moment of gameplay by loading the save state from the custom .FCS entity. In the rarest case, the .FCS document branch is recognized as a spreadsheet item, generated and constructed by First Choice office suite, taken into common practice in late 1980’s. Since the dawn of the IT industry the .FCS consistent package has not acquired a wide popularity due to high concurrency and competitiveness with other major products, available in the office segment of the market.

Programs to open .FCS file - First Choice Spreadsheet

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  • SoftKey PFS First ChoiceSoftKey PFS First Choice

Programs to open .FCS file - FCEUX Save State File

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  • FCEUX project

Programs to open .FCS file - Flow Cytometry Standard File

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