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Mathematica Notebook

β‡’ Category:Spreadsheet Files
β‡’ Developer:Wolfram Research

πŸ“Œ An .NB file definition is oriented on the structured spreadsheet container generated by Mathematica, a program distributive utilized for scientific and mathematical computations. In general, an accustomed .NB item is composed of interactive user interface elements, functions, audio, images, and text. Furthermore, an .NB file standard makes possible the viewing of mathematical results in the shape of an interactive document, generated by the suite. Commonly, the Notebook files are stored in a clear text representation. Their internal content is stored in cells, by the composition and layout close to a standard spreadsheet item. Besides, the resulting notebooks can be smoothly exported to a range of third-party extensions, typical of compressed data, GIS, raster graphic and spreadsheet logic.

Nota Bene File

β‡’ Category:Text Files
β‡’ Developer:Nota Bene

πŸ“Œ Another .NB instance subcategory is related to the text file, generated, opened up and built by Nota Bene, a powerful word processor for academic writings and researches. The following .NB format area includes embedded symbols, images, bibliography references, formatted text, etc. Mostly, the .NB extension branch is utilized for academic writing targets and aims such as research papers and theses. The desired .NB instance entity can be initiated, made up and opened by Nota Bene primary menu, accessible in the upper section of the main suite form. The package is also granted an opportunity to save the resulting .NB file documents in the other third-party containers and shapes. In the present-day period the maintenance and support of Nota Bene solution is entirely terminated and discontinued.

How to open an .NB file?

πŸ“Œ In the ordinary clauses and obstacles, the .NB content can be seamlessly reviewed, opened and adjusted by Wolfram Research Mathematica program tool, compatible with all major desktop platforms and shells, including Linux and its related fork distributions. Besides, you can make use of a typical text editor, able to uncover the .NB file logic and build-up due to plain textual internal logic of the data container. In other circumstances, if the source .NB entry corresponds to Nota Bene academic text writings and bibliography content, you are suggested to make use of the aforementioned package to handle the .NB file composition. As long as the development and support of Nota Bene solution is discontinued, the latter case of the .NB format employment is quite rare and uncommon.

Programs to open .NB file - Mathematica Notebook

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  • Linux

Programs to open .NB file - Nota Bene File

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