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πŸ“Œ An .XLR file entity is comprehended as a chart or spreadsheet designed, built and opened with Microsoft Works package of edition 6-9, which is distinguished as a formerly wide-spread, pretty efficient productivity suite for mathematical calculations and data projections. As it is taken into practice, the .XLR file resources store appropriate data in cells which are arranged and combined into a grid composed of columns and rows. In the previous years, Works served as a powerful entry-level solution designed, distributed and promoted by the Microsoft company. It includes similar software utilities to the Office repository, but with restricted functionalities and abilities. Currently the Works bundle is entirely superseded and replaced by Excel toolkit, capable of executing competitive .XLR functions and tasks.

How to open an .XLR file?

πŸ“Œ .XLR file instances generated by Works of 8 branch and subsequent generations, can also be uncovered and opened by modern editions of Microsoft Excel distributive. Besides, you can also make use of cloud-based Excel 365 online web-service to be able to review, discover, open up and adjust the .XLR object contents without complementary software installations, configuring and tweaking on your desktop PC or tablet. The .XLR extension is consistent with actual Windows and macOS editions, distributed until the actual moment of time. The .XLR file format is not compliant with any Linux distributions and forks as long as Microsoft Works was incompatible with Linux and Unix OS environments. The Works bundle was developed from 1988 until 2007, and nowadays completely substituted with actual generations of Excel bundle, able to recognize the .XLR format constitution, layout and logic.

Programs to open .XLR file - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet

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