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πŸ“Œ A .GSHEET file record is comprehended as a shortcut data entry applied to open and process a Google Sheets spreadsheet handled and saved in scope of Google Drive cloud storage. Accurately, the initial .GSHEET item includes an internal reference to the spreadsheet it opens, as well as the Gmail account utilized to initialize and build the outcome spreadsheet. .GSHEET entities are automatically generated by Google Drive for Desktop client. The noted Google Drive version serves to permit cloud storage owners to open and back up their Google Drive file resources on Mac and Windows-managed PCs. Specifically, .GSHEET entries are distinguished as Drive for Desktop shortcuts that uncover and reveal designated spreadsheet documents and files. When the final user makes a double click on a resulting file instance with .GSHEET extension, the corresponding spreadsheet is displayed and projected in Google Sheets app after correctly signing in and logging in.

How to open an .GSHEET file?

πŸ“Œ If you pre-installed and configured the Google Drive for Desktop client on your PC or other respective device, you can make a double click on a .GSHEET item to review and sustain the spreadsheet it referenced in Google Sheets. You can manage to sign in to your active Gmail account or request the permission to access the desired .GSHEET file document from the authorized file owner. In another case, you can decide to open a .GSHEET file resource in a plain text editor to review the Gmail account data it contains, document ID, and outcome URL-reference. This clause can appear pretty pertinent and opportune if, for instance, you are dealing with trouble while opening up your active .GSHEET file object in Google Sheets service. If a simple double-click on .GSHEET sample is not helpful, you may copy the file URL manually and paste it into the address bar of a corresponding web-browser.

Programs to open .GSHEET file - Google Drive Spreadsheet

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