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πŸ“Œ .QPW data category is related to spreadsheet file items initiated and designed by Corel Quattro Pro, a spreadsheet suite shared and distributed as an integral component of the more common Corel WordPerfect Office bundle. Essentially, the .QPW entries store particular data in custom worksheets, which are composed of individual cells arranged and formed into a grid of columns and rows. Besides, the .QPW file samples may also include specific formatting elements, styles, scripts, mathematical calculations, and charts. The Quattro Pro is able to store and open designated .QPW spreadsheets in various shapes and constitutions, including the formerly specified .QPW extension entry, which serves as a primary file type related to the Quattro Pro bundle.

How to open an .QPW file?

πŸ“Œ The .QPW extension branch can be effortlessly opened up, uncovered, sustained and adjusted by Corel Quattro Pro distributive, compliant solely with Windows platform. Quattro Pro is broadly employed by professional and casual users to create and build up individual spreadsheets for various designated purposes, including business expenses, sales receipts, personal budgets, and invoices. The program solution is also capable of exporting internal digital content in the shape of Lotus .123, .CSV, Excel .XLS and .XLSX constitutions. The desirable outcome format can be easily selected and defined in scope of the primary service menu, available on the principal app form. It should be strictly mentioned that none of other alternate software projects, except Corel Quattro Pro, is afforded a way to review and open appropriate .QPW file format content.

Programs to open .QPW file - Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet

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  • Corel Corporation
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