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πŸ“Œ A .U3D container is eligible for maintenance and sustainment of a particular 3D model stored in the Universal 3D data specification. Each of the .U3D instances includes data regarding the motion, shading, lighting, textures, and shapes which are combined into a unified model shape. The .U3D tech standard has been designed by the 3D Industry Forum organization in December 2004. A bit later, in December 2005 the extension has been standardized by the Ecma International group. In the early 2000s, plenty of corporate parties which embraced the ability to exchange custom 3D models among various apps, such as HP, Intel, Boeing, and Adobe Systems, were united altogether in order to constitute the 3D Industry Forum. This organization has later produced the .U3D tech specification, in which 3D data of all variations and subgroups can be saved. Besides, the Forum also produced an open source library that can be applied by developers to allow their products to open up, recognize and review the .U3D file schema.

How to open an .U3D file?

πŸ“Œ The .U3D data standard can be smoothly identified and handled by DAZ Studio, Adobe Photoshop, KeyCreator, Bondware Poser, Adobe Acrobat DC, Icon Editor, and a variety of other multi-target apps, capable of visually representing the internal 3D image resources. The latest up to now fourth edition of the .U3D layout has been released by the Ecma International group in June 2007. The formerly noted program apps also permit keen users to export the .U3D content into .PDF shape to facilitate the outcome opening and review of the file items. Such an option is available with the assistance of the Kubotek KeyCreator, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, and Adobe Acrobat Pro suites. The following .U3D info container is vividly and gently held within Windows and macOS platforms, while the Linux system doesn’t offer an option to uncover and adjust the .U3D format basement. As long as typically .U3D samples store the graphical 3D content, it is supported and consistent with a global, solid multitude of 3D editing apps.

Programs to open .U3D file - Universal 3D File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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