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Skyscraper Simulator Building Script

β‡’ Category:3D Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Ryan Thoryk

πŸ“Œ Alternatively, the .BLD data arrangement can refer to a building script applied by Skyscraper Simulator, a notable industrial 3D building simulator. From the very start, the .BLD layout is composed of a building, which includes relevant data that specifies and manages the visual appearance of the certain building. Therefore, the common .BLD item entry also contains the rotation, position, camera floor, version, description, location, designer and the entitlement of the designed building. If you encounter a .BLD file sample in daily practice, it would be most considerable and reasonable to open it up and review its contents with the same text editor, applied for managing the .TXT file data arrangement. Hereby, you can check out and review the textures for walls, carpet, windows, lobby, the precise quantity of floor assignments, staircases or elevators, the name and other vital parameters of the .BLD embraced construction project. Nevertheless, if you desire to view the appropriate building schema the respective .BLD file entry stores information for, you should allocate the .BLD data element within the β€œbuildings” folder of the predefined installation path of the Skyscraper Simulator distributive. In Windows shell, the default installation path is noted here, as follows: C:\Program Files\skyscraper\buildings\.

Envisioneer Building Project File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:Cadsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ Primarily, the .BLD format structure tightly focuses on the project files revealed, built, and opened up by Envisioneer, a flexible Building Information Modeling (BM) layout suite employed by proficient and domestic users to remodel and design requested building schemas. In detail, the .BLD file arrangement is composed of 3D and 2D building objects, such as lighting, rooms, roofs, furniture, and framing. In a majority of the cases, the .BLD schema is utilized to specify appropriate building materials, generate construction documentation, and design various buildings in accordance with the drawn plan. Besides, the .BLD entities serve for verification of the specification and visualizing buildings before their proper construction. As a matter of fact, in the outcome the .BLD file branch nodes can be seamlessly exported to .DWG visual representation. Envisioneer software package, compliant and entirely adapted for operations with the .BLD file record entities, is distributed and shared in Express, Construction Site, Professional, and Essentials editions, accessible for inquiry and purchase on the official project web-page store.

How to open an .BLD file?

πŸ“Œ Basically, the .BLD file extension area is recognized and comprehended by the Cadsoft Envisioneer suite, mostly oriented on designing and remodeling buildings for further reconstruction. In certain cases, the .BLD tagged file format entitlement can be distinguished as a building script applied by Skyscraper Simulator, and therefore can be reviewed, opened, and adjusted by this proper software bundle.

Programs to open .BLD file - Skyscraper Simulator Building Script

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Programs to open .BLD file - Envisioneer Building Project File

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