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CloneCD Control File

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πŸ“Œ Usually a .CCD object correlates with disk images stored in the CloneCD Control (CCD) info container. Basically, the file includes control data, such as header and track location specifications, for a relevant .IMG resource. In order to make up or open a usable disk image, .CCD extension samples should be consolidated with an .IMG object definition. Referenced CloneCD .SUB, .CCD, and .IMG instances are usually differentiated by the identical filenames. In case the user desires to generate a new disk via CloneCD bundle, it is obligatory required to supply the .SUB, .CCD, and .IMG object records which CloneCD extracted from the original optical disk.

ClickCharts Diagram

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πŸ“Œ A .CCD instance may also correspond to an individual diagram file designed within ClickCharts toolkit, a top-notch program solution for creating and opening business diagrams. Particularly, it includes a visual representation of a brainstorming session, system, process, or hierarchy. ClickChart suite owners are able to embrace .CCD files to export various diagrams in the form of .PSD, .PNG, .JPG, and .PDF resources. ClickCharts is an outstanding multi-platform toolkit for diagram creation which offers a way to design and construct model processes and systems, organization charts, and organize users’ thoughts in an efficient and well-considered way. Also the .CCD file charts can be shared with other users involved into the business process.

How to open an .CCD file?

πŸ“Œ .CCD file instances can be fluently opened and handled by CloneCD optical disk extractor, which is able to create new disk images with internal app means and use them instead of the real DVD or CD disks. Therefore, you can mount the virtual image to the internal manager and freely use it after you borrowed the disk from a relative or friend and already gave it back. The mounted .CCD disk images can include any accustomed data like video, audio, games, encyclopedias, software, etc. Linux community may also apply the ccd2iso utility to transform a CloneCD .CCD disc image into a finalized .ISO file entry. You can also download finalized .CCD extension images from the authorized web-sites.

Programs to open .CCD file - CloneCD Control File

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Programs to open .CCD file - ClickCharts Diagram

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