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CD-i OptImage

β‡’ Category:Disk Image Files

πŸ“Œ One more alternative definition of the .CD extension category correlates with an accurate copy of a CD disk stored in the CD-i disk image container. This appropriate .CD file instance includes all of the content, burned on the genuine game disc, encyclopedia, software archive, music collection, and many other types of media carriers. After the .CD file image is generated and built up, you can open up and transfer it to the virtual disk emulator, which is capable of processing the initial CD-disk composition in a transparent and logical way. Therefore, you can use the disk content from the virtual image, even if the original CD-carrier has been rented, taken from a friend of your timely, or borrowed. Natively, the .CD format is consistent and supported by IsoBuster suite, which splendidly comprehends the .CD images hierarchy and does not suggest installation of auxiliary plugins and add-ons to the suite. Apparently, the .CD format marker can be reviewed by other virtual image emulators.

Visual Studio Class Diagram

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ The primary assignment of the .CD extension entitlement concerns the developer file objects designed and opened by Visual Studio, an ultra-powerful and multitarget software development IDE. Particularly, the following .CD instance stores a custom diagram of classes and assists developers to visualize the structure and composition of the source code. In most of the cases, the .CD file objects are generated by the Class Diagram editor in the Visual Studio environment. The aforementioned .CD sample hierarchy is typically oriented on developer purposes and assists software engineers and technicians to build the drafts and descriptions of detailed, accurate, and precise diagrams and charts of appropriate business-processes, models and references between them in corporate, manufactory or financial infrastructures. In these circumstances, Visual Studio plays a crucial part in the diagram creation routine and fits as a compound sandbox for these certain purposes.

How to open an .CD file?

πŸ“Œ The .CD file entities are smoothly uncovered, reviewed and opened up by Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, which is designed strictly to develop compound, sophisticated program projects and solutions using a solid variety of programming languages and technologies. The .CD file samples are composed of embedded class diagrams, which serve for detailed description of business-processes, block diagrams and flowcharts, representing the outcome logic of your solution or toolkit. Besides, the peculiar .CD file item may be associated with virtual images, built up and constructed by the IsoBuster suite. In this proper case, the .CD record would include all of genuine disk content, such as software distributives, game libraries, .MP3 audio tracks, graphical images, text descriptions and markers, etc. Appropriately, after the .CD image is β€œpulled” by IsoBuster disk image emulator, you can effortlessly play the original game, review the movie, or enjoy any other original content burned on the disk from scratch, even if the CD disk is out of reach.

Programs to open .CD file - CD-i OptImage

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Programs to open .CD file - Visual Studio Class Diagram

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  • Microsoft Corporation
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