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Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk

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πŸ“Œ The most apparent association of the .VHD extension entitlement references to the virtual hard disk drive image utilized by Microsoft Windows Virtual PC, a competitive, ultra-handy and extraordinary Windows virtualization package. In the typical situations, the .VHD entries are composed of the contents of a hard disk drive of a virtual machine (VM), which may contain disk folders, file resources, system content, and partitions data. Besides, the .VHD items may be exploited to preinstall a range of various operating systems on a single PC node or station, run older apps or utilities, or test the software before it is released or deployed in the corporate structures and companies. Initially, the technical VHD Image Format Specification has been shared and distributed as a royalty-free licensed platform since June, 2005. Later, in 2012 the newer .VHDX technique has been established as a newer replacement of the archaic .VHD format definition.

VHDL Source File

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πŸ“Œ Another relevant foundation of the .VHD tech format is conjugated with the source file entry written in VHDL, abbreviated from the Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (HDL) definition. Quite frequently, the noted .VHD data schema is applied for automating the design of electrical components and circuits. Basically, the electronic specialists and engineers are capable of making use of VHDL file specification to precisely and explicitly specify the description of hardware elements in a text-based representation. These following .VHD description markers can afterwards serve as an assisting component of a compound physical circuit, such as RAM memory module, processor, or motherboard. The VHDL technology is also eligible for combining internal documentation of electronic blocks and circuits, globally used in IT-area and related industries. In the following way, the .VHD language offers means to accurately represent the logic of the schemes, circuit elements and integral parts.

How to open an .VHD file?

πŸ“Œ The .VHD virtual images can be seamlessly explored, comprehended, and opened up by various virtual software emulators, such as Windows PC, VM VirtualBox, Workstation Player, Virtual Server, Workstation Pro. In addition, the noted .VHD format definition is recognizable by such toolkits as Aryson VHD Recovery, IsoBuster, 7-Zip and QEMU, all of which are perfectly eligible for extracting the internal .VHD image content. After all, you are afforded a way to research the .VHD entries construction on Android mobile devices with the involvement of lBochs PC Emulator and Limbo PC Emulator, fully compatible with the .VHD schema and its appropriate layout. If the pinpoint .VHD composition concerns VHDL source file, applicable for designing electrical circuits and components, it is recommended to make use of Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Green Mountain DirectVHDL, Mentor Graphics ModelSim, or any affordable text editor remaining in your area of accessibility.

Programs to open .VHD file - Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk

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  • Android

Programs to open .VHD file - VHDL Source File

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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  • Green Mountain Computing Systems, Inc
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