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πŸ“Œ A .WUD extension area can be associated with the disk image record dumped from a genuine original Wii U game disk carrier. Therefore, the .WUD sample is composed of data regarding a custom Wii U game which can be run and opened by a proper virtual PC emulator of a Wii U console (for instance, Cemu project). Basically, the .WUD data objects are separated into distinct segments as long as they are composed of large portions of information integrated into a specific Wii U game disc. .WUD file structure at most serves for creating Homebrew gaming disc carriers for Wii U console platform. In general, the skillful user dumps the custom game content from the designated Wii U game to the corresponding .WUD file instance. As long as the portions of data can be quite massive in size and can reach up to 20 GB per segment, a multitude of .WUD file components are generated and built to store the finalized (around 2 GB) compound blocks of the game. In the outcome, the split parts should be merged together backwards into one unified .WID file container so that the game could be correctly opened up and played back by an emulator.

How to open an .WUD file?

πŸ“Œ The .WUD chapters can be effortlessly and freely read by contemporary Cemu Wii U emulator, able to run the dumped console games on your computer. In order to open up a desired .WUD game on your Cemu app instance, navigate to the File -> Load primary menu item and specify the accurate path of the .WUD file segment onto your hard disk or SSD. Besides, you are given an opportunity to compress the resulting .WUD entry to economize the precious disk space on your hard storage with the assistance of Wii U image compression tool, accessible for download on the freeware basement. On the outcome, the compressed and encoded .WUD data resources are processed and sustained in the shape of .WUX file constitution. Consider the statement that formerly split, distinct .WUD file segments should be merged into a unified representation in order to be able to run and enjoy the dumped Wii U game on Cemu or any other consistent emulator, executed on PC infrastructure.

Programs to open .WUD file - Wii U Disk Image File

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  • Cemu
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