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β‡’ Category:Disk Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Luigi B.

πŸ“Œ An .HD container basically fits for processing virtual hard disks applied and opened up by the lBochs PC Emulator for Android. Particularly, the emulation community members and parties can type in and embed legitimate data to this specific file item just as they would a real, genuine hard disk drive. lBochs suite is initially distributed and shared out-of-the-box with one built-in .HD file extension instance, entitled as LBOCHS.HD. The current emulator generally handles and operates with LBOCHS.HD object content to properly open up, load, and save custom users’ data. For instance, users are granted means to write an actual operating system to LBOCHS.HD file record and after that load that operating system from the boot menu of the lBochs-adapted shell. Finally, it is also possible to load certain operating systems from CD-ROMs and virtual floppy disks (.FD shaped resources).

How to open an .HD file?

πŸ“Œ LBOCHS.HD is not expected and suggested to be opened up in the manual way. If your proper copy of the LBOCHS.HD file node includes a written operating system, you can apply the file contents to load a corresponding system instance in lBochs PC Emulator for Android platform. In order to implement that idea:

  • make sure that your LBOCHS.HD data object is allocated within ~/Android/data/lb.myapp.lbochs/files disk folder
  • run the native lBochs-entitled emulator on your Android mobile device and press F12 key to access the boot menu of the emulated shell
  • pick 2. Hard disk option among the suggested variants.

After this clear and transparent procedure is accomplished, the operating shell written on your .HD file object should then be successfully loaded in lBochs-configured sandbox.

Programs to open .HD file - IBochs Virtual Hard Disk

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  • Luigi B.
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