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πŸ“Œ An .IMZ compound structure is based on the internal encoded and packaged disk image generated and opened up by WinImage, a configurable and scalable disk image toolkit. Accurately, the .IMZ build-up holds a precise copy of a physical disk carrier, although it is miscellaneously compressed to economize available disk space. As a rule, all of the formerly specified schema file records can be mounted as a physical disk when being opened, retrieved, and extracted with the involvement of WinImage bundle. Basically, the .IMZ file items are comprehended and serve as the compressed implementation of .IMA extension pattern. Therefore, the .IMZ branch file nodes can be generated and composed in order to store multiple categories of various sustainable disc images, such as a virtual hard disc storage (VHD), CD, or typical hard drive storage. Nevertheless, most frequently the current file elements are made up to store a disc image of a 1,44 MB 3.5’’ floppy disc carrier.

How to open an .IMZ file?

πŸ“Œ Basically, all of the .IMZ instances and objects are flawlessly supported, opened, and surveyed by WinImage disc-imaging product, adapted for desktop Windows-oriented devices (PCs, laptops, and embraced tablets).

Programs to open .IMZ file - WinImage Compressed Disk Image

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