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β‡’ Category:Web Files
β‡’ Developer:Tomahawk Technologies

πŸ“Œ .ARO data category is referenced to a web page, which is composed of SteelArrow code. Typically, it involves plain .HTML with a small piece of SteelArrow scripts and tags. Therefore, .ARO resources are processed on the server side before being transferred to and opened by a user’s client web-browser, similarly to .ASP and .PHP business logic. In order to assure the correct serving and processing of the .ARO extension samples, the SteelArrow Web Application Server is suggested to be installed on your web-server prior to using the practical approach of the specified technology. The .ARO object instances can be effortlessly opened up via basic web-browser.

How to open an .ARO file?

πŸ“Œ The container can be explored and discovered by the SteelArrow Windows Server toolkit, available for download and installation onto your desktop computer device. SteelArrow technology is designed to assist a web-developer to produce HTML-enriched content with a partial implementation of scripts and tags, integrated into the outcome file. In the SteelArrow mechanics, the .ARO files are executed on the server-side, while the user obtains the calculation results, acquired from the script execution, opening and runnable on the client web-browser. Furthermore, the .ARO files can also be processed within the local web-browser, either default or third-party.

Programs to open .ARO file - SteelArrow Web Application File

  • Windows
  • Web
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