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πŸ“Œ The .COMPRESSED file format area correlates with a web-page pattern initiated, built, and opened up by WordCompress, a certain WordPress plug-in applied to encode and package jаvascript, CSS, and HTML source code. Accurately, a typical .COMPRESSED sample file node includes a single line of code that explicitly represents a corresponding web-page. The decision to compress the outcome WordPress web-pages to .COMPRESSED extension layout assists browsers to load and open those pages more efficiently and fluently. WordCompress is an outdated, formerly released WordPress module that is suited for deletion of all comments and white pages within the source code composition of a relevant web-page and managed to write the overall code to a sole executable line. This trick allowed web-browsers to load the resulting page faster in the actual navigation area. Each line of bundled code within a proper web-page was saved in scope of the original .COMPRESSED object instance. WordCompress and WordPress store .COMPRESSED file arrangements alongside the original source code of the appropriate web-pages. Thus, any white space symbols, indentations, and comments embedded into the original source code constitution are not destroyed or overwritten after being converted to a .COMPRESSED item shape.

How to open an .COMPRESSED file?

πŸ“Œ The .COMPRESSED file elements can be effortlessly and accurately uncovered, opened, sustained, and operated by WordPress (considering the availability of auxiliary optional WordCompress module), Microsoft Notepad, Adobe Dreamweaver, or any affordable text editor remaining prepared and configured on your desktop machine. The file format is consistent with Windows and macOS architectures solely.

Programs to open .COMPRESSED file - WordCompress Compacted Webpage

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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