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β‡’ Category:Web Files
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πŸ“Œ An .ASHX container fits for storing, opening, and holding web-pages that are exploited as compound parts of an ASP.NET web-server app. The .ASHX tech specification suggests an availability of references to other pages hosted on the web-server that are afterwards sent to the custom user’s web-browser. Normally, .ASHX resources are sustained by the server’s ASP.NET HTTP Handler considering the precondition when an accurate client web-browser requests the respective web-page. It may occur that peculiar .ASHX instances may be freely employed for opening, transferring and delivering .PDF sources to the proper user’s web-browser, as long as the corresponding .ASHX entry owns a precise reference to the compound .PDF entity. Nevertheless, when the download of the requested file is initiated, the outcome file format is not modified to .PDF and is still covered up with the .ASHX branch area. Therefore, you can rename the file format to .PDF and review or check out its composition with Adobe Reader or other competitive same-purposed program.

How to open an .ASHX file?

πŸ“Œ .ASHX data items can be smoothly handled, sustained, and opened up by Microsoft Visual Studio SDK-kit, as long as the noted format structure strictly corresponds to the clear, transparent textual layout. As an extra perk, you may exploit any accessible text editor, such as MacroMates TextMate, Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft WordPad, Sublime Text, and more comprehensive solutions to review the target .ASHX instance. Besides, you are capable of utilizing any basic web-browser in your accommodation, pre-installed on your desktop device. Besides, it should be mentioned that the .ASHX extension area is inconsistent with any mobile tools and applets. Therefore, you won’t acquire a chance to explore and research its hierarchy and logic on your mobile device, either tablet or smartphone. Appropriately, the .ASHX container category is not visible within the Linux environment, as long as the ASP.NET architecture is natively oriented on the Windows infrastructure of its recent and former editions.

Programs to open .ASHX file - ASP.NET Web Handler File

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  • Mac OS
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  • Microsoft Corporation
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