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📌 An .HTACCESS entry fits for storing configuration settings applied and opened by the Apache web-server that provides precise instructions for different folders or catalogs of a certain website. “Htaccess” abbreviation implies HTTP access term, which stands out as a primary protocol utilized to transmit particular webpages. An .HTACCESS extension schema focused on a respective website can be exploited to execute and implement a range of vital features and abilities, such as:

  • Accomplishing MOD_REWRITE commands
  • Denying open access from predefined IP-addresses or other online portals
  • Flexibly visualizing the 404 (Page not found) error page representation
  • Limiting access to particular site pages and folders
  • Executing and implementing 302 or 301 page redirects
  • Specifying the index page (root directory) of a particular web-resource (particularly, “index.php” or “index.html” object allocation)

The entitlement of the .HTACCESS file node should not be altered or adjusted in any way and should remain the same. More than that, it doesn’t retain the filename before the dot marker symbol. Additionally, the .HTACCESS branch instance is always allocated in the root directory of a predefined web-resource and is sustained and operated by the web-server each time an associated web-page is accessed. The Apache .HTACCESS Tutorial manual, distributable across the web repositories, covers miscellaneous details regarding when and how to apply .HTACCESS content.

How to open an .HTACCESS file?

📌 The .HTACCESS file build-up and contents can be seamlessly revealed, opened, and modified by a plain, transparent text editor, either default or third-party, downloadable from the web. Therefore, you can give a try to Microsoft Notepad, MacRabbit Espresso, TextMate, or any other accessible product or utility in your area of competence. However, natively the .HTACCESS structure is operated and handled by Apache Web Server, which retrieves the file contents and accomplishes a broad arsenal of functions and abilities, depending on the source arrangement and internal logic of the custom .HTACCESS variation.

Programs to open .HTACCESS file - Apache HTACCESS File

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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  • The Apache Software Foundation
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