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πŸ“Œ The preconfigured .ASAX file format is fundamentally utilized and opened by ASP.NET web tools and services. Precisely, the .ASAX info entries include program code that is employed to respond to app-level events raised by HttpModules or ASP.NET technologies. Besides, the .ASAX file records are compiled and parsed at application runtime mode. Therefore, the predefined .ASAX extension standard is commonly exploited for handling events during shutdown and initialization of the application, as well as processing custom global errors and exceptions. In the meantime, the .ASAX data resources are saved and referenced from the root installation path of the ASP.NET toolkit and are generally entitled as Global.ASAX term. Initially, any direct URL requests to .ASAX file records are always rejected. Miscellaneously, external users are not able to effortlessly and accurately download, open up or view their original source code from the content provider.

How to open an .ASAX file?

πŸ“Œ The actual hierarchy and schema of the aforenoted data standard are revealed, opened up and handled by Microsoft Visual Studio SDK package, which is tightly keen on the following development language and globally supports all of the ASP.NET mechanics and layout with all of its extensive nuances and snap-ins. The developers are frequently utilizing the .ASAX format composition to design, precompile and test ASP.NET solutions, developed for their customers or deployed within the global infrastructure. Hereby, the .ASAX logic allows to consider various code exceptions and global errors appearance, while the ASP.NET code is properly refined and cleaned on the preparation stage. The .ASAX tagged marker is comprehended and reviewed only within Windows operating environment, due to full-scale consistency of the format make-up with the predefined format definition. As the practice uncovers, the current file format practices are applied for development purposes only and are rarely utilized in ready-made software projects.

Programs to open .ASAX file - ASP.NET Server Application File

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