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πŸ“Œ The .HAR extension group is distinguished as a compound archive stored and opened up in the HTTP Archive (HAR) layout, which is recognized as a JSON-shaped arrangement applied to save outcome collected HTTP performance content. Precisely, it includes data about web-pages which have been formerly loaded by a web-browser, and incorporates web-browser build and edition, response times, and tracked web-pages. .HAR file instances also store metadata, such as the creator of the .HAR object and the actual format revision indicator. The original purpose of the .HAR pattern is to log the performance of accessible web-browsers, which enables developers to find out and explore how well, efficiently, and fast the browsers are loading respective web-pages. .HAR data objects may be exported by various HTTP-concerned toolkits and products, such as HTTP Toolkit, HttpWatch, Electron HAR, but are ordinarily exported by specific web-browsers. Most browsers are entirely consistent with the predefined technology, such as IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. You can easily uncover and reveal the composition of .HAR file samples with various designated tools, such as multi-platform, freeware, and open based HTTP Toolkit and online HAR Viewer service. As long as all known .HAR-bundled file entities are represented in JSON schema, you can also explore and discover their contents with a plain text editor, such as Apple TextEdit or Microsoft Notepad, or a JSON viewer.

How to open an .HAR file?

πŸ“Œ The specified entry elements are accessible for monitoring, researching, opening, and survey with the assistance of HTTP Toolkit, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, or any typical text editor in your operating area. Besides, in certain circumstances you can make service of HAR Viewer web-service, runnable directly from your web-browser and not requiring the former pre-installation of any miscellaneous software or apps.

Programs to open .HAR file - HTTP Archive FIle

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