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πŸ“Œ A .TXT data container can be described as an accustomed text document, composed entirely of plain text letters, digits and symbols. The file extension can be accurately edited and opened in any basic or comprehensive word processing or text editing software package or application. The main difference between .TXT and .DOCX sources is that the first have no to little of formatting, typical for Word files. Generally, the .TXT resources are applied in order to make up and open manuscripts, step-by-step instructions, notes and other relevant information. The .TXT files can store either simple notes or remarks, or complete books or magazine articles, as well.

How to open an .TXT file?

πŸ“Œ Traditionally, the following documents can be generated and opened up by NotePad and Apple TextEdit software suites, compatible with Windows and macOS environments correspondingly. However, as the practice uncovers, nearly any code editor or text editing solution is able to effortlessly create or modify .TXT content without excessive manipulations from the user side. The format can be used in mobile (i.e., Android and iOS) systems without any hidden obstacles.

Programs to open .TXT file - Plain Text File

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  • Web
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