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πŸ“Œ An .AIFC format definition involves the compressed .AIFF file objects generally utilized and opened up by gaming consoles and media players to store particular sounds and music effects. The .AIFC instances are saved and stored in the Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) specification and encoded with the assistance of one of multiple codecs, such as G722, ALAW, or ULAW algorithms. .AIFC (in other words, AIFF-C), serves as an encoded method of the uncompressed .AIFF technology, initially released in 1988 and developed by the Apple company. These .AIFC mechanics fit as an ideal solution for storing, opening up and playing back CD-quality audio tracks and compositions in less file sizes when the resulting disk space is limited and reduced. As long as packaged and encoded .AIFF entities are stored with .AIFC format layout, they may also be defined and comprehended with .AIF and .AIFF extension categories.

How to open an .AIFC file?

πŸ“Œ .AIFC constitution and structure is perfectly recognized and comprehended by various audio players and editors, such as Audacity, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Adobe Audacity, VLC, vgmstream and more apps and software solutions, designed for usage within Windows, macOS, or Linux distributions. The noted .AIFC format schema can also be smoothly opened up and revealed within all major projects and utilities, eligible for reproducing audio content, samples and tracks in a clear, transparent and effortless way. In addition, it should be strictly mentioned that .AIFC files are not typically able to be played back on mobile devices of either actual or legacy generations, and need to be copied or downloaded to PC, workstation or macOS-based monoblock to be sustainably reproduced in a flexible and unrestricted manner. On the constitution and build-up, the .AIFC schema is at most identical to .AIFF technical logic and mechanics.

Programs to open .AIFC file - Compressed Audio Interchange File

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