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Nullsoft Streaming Audio File

β‡’ Category:Audio Files
β‡’ Developer:Nullsoft

πŸ“Œ The primary assignment of the .NSA container division relies on the streaming audio specification designed, implemented, opened up, and promoted by Nullsoft. Precisely, the .NSA format area is utilized for streaming audio clips, such as song demos over the web-network. Accurately, the .NSA sequences and tracks can be effortlessly reproduced in audio shape and played back with Winamp audio-player. Miscellaneously, it should be noted that for streaming video demands Nullsoft utilizes the alternate .NSV file extension algorithm, designed by the same corporate owner,- the Nullsoft trademark. Therefore, the .NSA object samples do not include the pinpoint audio-tracks and compositions themselves. Instead, the .NSA format methodology is tightly focused on streaming content transferred across the web and reproducing podcasts, blogs, digital books, and other electronic content, not available for direct download in accordance with copyright restrictions or license preconditions. Until now the .NSA format has not acquired wide popularity and spread across the Internet-community.

Noteshelf for Android Notebook

β‡’ Category:Page Layout Files
β‡’ Developer:Fluid Touch

πŸ“Œ One more case of the .NSA file format appliance concerns the digital notebook designed and opened by the Android edition of Fluid Touch Noteshelf, a subtle and refined mobile note-taking applet. Specifically, the .NSA file layout is composed of one or several pages of notes, which may comprise annotations, images, charts, and text content. Accurately, the .NSA extension principles are utilized to back up and share notes from Noteshelf for Android toolkit. The Noteshelf solution can be freely employed by office workers, students, and other community representatives to properly annotate and type custom .NSA covered file notes. Additionally, these notes can include text with custom drawings, diagrams, underlining and highlighting, different sizes, colors, and fonts. Afterwards, the resulting notes are saved in Noteshelf notebooks. As an extra tweak, the users are able to export a notebook they’ve formerly created (or pick individual pages from that notebook) to share the outcome .NSA embraced notes with other Noteshelf users or backup their finalized note sources. As the default featured range offers, the Android edition of Noteshelf package exports notebooks to its native .NSA file format composition. If it is required, the notebooks can be also exported to .PNG or .PDF instance basements.

How to open an .NSA file?

πŸ“Œ In accustomed situations, the .NSA file records are recognized as audio tracks, designated for streaming podcasts, blogs, translations and audibly reproduced by Winamp audio-player. Thus, the following .NSA format branch is supported and maintained by the Nullsoft Winamp package, solely. Alternatively, the .NSA items can constitute the digital notebooks, and are opened up, visualized and processed by Noteshelf, a perfectly designed mobile applet for Android system. Except Windows-compatible Winamp and Fluid Touch Noteshelf for Android platform, there are no other software products which can process and uncover the .NSA data entities in any clear or considered approach. Basically, the .NSA records are operated in encrypted and encoded shape, so the .NSA file structure is inaccessible for text editors or code viewers, remaining in your accessibility range. For processing of video streaming layers, Winamp is perfectly adapted for another format structure, the .NSV container.

Programs to open .NSA file - Nullsoft Streaming Audio File

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  • Winamp

Programs to open .NSA file - Noteshelf for Android Notebook

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