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πŸ“Œ The .DVF extension algorithm is assigned to store and open compressed audio tracks or sequences utilized by IC digital audio recorders manufactured by Sony enterprise, for instance, the ICD-BP150 series or ICD-BP100 model devices. Particularly, the .DVF compositions and audio-clips are held, opened up, and processed in a proprietary audio basement that is only comprehended and identified by relevant Sony software tools and products. As the practical experience reveals, the .DVF instances can be flawlessly and accurately converted to a typical .WAV file format representation by involving the Sony Digital Voice Editor toolkit.

How to open an .DVF file?

πŸ“Œ The .DVF file content is essentially analyzed, examined, and opened up by the extinct Digital Voice Player suite from Sony company, compatible with Windows desktop PCs and laptops. However, if your operating device is not compatible with the latest build of the aforementioned suite, it is highly recommended to test and make service of default Microsoft Windows Media Player bundle, taking into account that before reproducing and audibly playing back the .DVF file sequences the third-party Sony Player plugin should be pre-installed and configured on your hard disk infrastructure.

Programs to open .DVF file - Sony Digital Voice File

  • Windows
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