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β‡’ Category:Audio Files
β‡’ Developer:Electronic Arts

πŸ“Œ An .IFF file standard is distinguished as a universal file extension technology opened up, designed and implemented by Electronic Arts. Accurately, the .IFF entries may consist of audio, text, or image data and are employed for interchanging various types of data across platforms and applications. .IFF resources are perfectly consistent with many categories of toolkits and distributives and are applied as the basis for several other file extension schemas, including .AIFF basement. Typically, the .IFF entries constitute sections of data entitled as β€œchunks”, which are defined by IDS composed of internal four-letter structure. There are three primary chunk types, each of which may include raw data, numerical data, and text: FORM, which manages the conclusive format of the file data entry; LIST composed of the properties and options of an outcome entity; and CAT which includes the rest of the data tags.

How to open an .IFF file?

πŸ“Œ As long as .IFF composition may maintain visual, audio, or textual data representation, a vast range of software tools and programs are able to reveal and open the final .IFF object build-up. Among all major applications, Adobe Audition, Canvas X Pro, Cloanto Amiga Forever, IrfanView, Corel PaintShop Pro, ACDSee Photo Studio, XnViewMP, and Apple QuickTime Player should be noted on the first hand. Although the .IFF extension logic has gained cross-platform compliance with all sustainable desktop systems and environments, you may freely open up and convert the .IFF instances to alternate structures and layouts due to broad support of third-party converters, such as ShedWorx Smart Converter suite, distributed in terms of proprietary license. Regarding the software areas able to manage the .IFF internal content, at most the is able to uncover, track and discover the file composition with the assistance of graphical or audio editors solely. At the same time, various categories of applications may extract the audio or visual .IFF streaming sources, delivered directly to the project owner or editor role.

Programs to open .IFF file - Interchange File Format

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