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πŸ“Œ The .BACKUP file structure basically corresponds to the backup samples generated, built, and opened up by multiple Android tablets and phones. Precisely, the .BACKUP source entities store various user data, such as specific person’s content and contacts. In the meantime, the .BACKUP elements are especially handy and suitable for archiving save points from your actual mobile gadget so the data can afterwards be smoothly restored if the device is tackled with a certain problem or hardware issue. As the time progressed, afterwards the .BACKUP extension schema has been completely superseded with the .AB sample category. In the earlier period of time, skillful Android users have been provided with an opportunity to generate and open customly shaped .BACKUP file resources by accessing the System Recovery Mode of their original device and picking the right optional tweak to successfully backup or restore their vulnerable content and information. After the backing-up routine has been completed, the conclusive .BACKUP data items were stored and held on the SD card of their mobile gadget.

How to open an .BACKUP file?

πŸ“Œ The .BACKUP file can be handled, sustained and opened up by the internal mechanics of Android system, without a complementary necessity to preinstall specific applets or tools. In order to successfully restore a backup file item, at first you are required to hold the power button and volume button pressed on your specific Android gadget to run up the mobile phone or tablet in System Recovery Mode. After that, it is expected that you select the feature item from the System Recovery menu of your Android device screen to start up the restoration process from the back-up instance, recorded and saved recently by the same System Recovery Mode menu interference. The following mode is available on all currently produced Android mobile devices. Appropriately, the way to gain access to it is also identical, at most. Nevertheless, the interface of the menu may slightly differ depending on the brand, trademark, model and revision of your proper gadget.

Programs to open .BACKUP file - Android Backup

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