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πŸ“Œ A .BKF data object is related to the backup file entries generated and opened by Windows Backup Utility, integrated into the initial program set of Windows XP Pro and Windows NT editions (the suite is accessible from the primary β€œStart” menu, specifically Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools item). In practice, the .BKF specification includes a catalog with one or more internal records which a user has formerly chosen to preserve, open up and maintain. .BKF file instances can be easily restored to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 shell by applying Backup - Restore software package, embedded into the starter Windows NT bundle. In 7, 8, and 10 OS branches the .BKF catalog can be effortlessly recovered with a custom NTBackup solution. Consider the fact that Windows Backup Utility should be pre-installed and configured from the XP Home setup CD or DVD to be correctly exploited within the actual infrastructure shell.

How to open an .BKF file?

πŸ“Œ .BKF file samples can be smoothly processed and sustained by Microsoft Windows NT Backup app, integrated into the primary installation set of Microsoft operating system. Moreover, you can also uncover, open and review the target .BKF entry logic and hierarchy with the assistance of a third-party, proprietary Aryson BKF Recovery product, distributed and shared from the official developer’s portal until now. The distributive is capable of handling and exploiting various backup file copies and restoring the previous shell state, stored formerly by the affordable means and holding the earlier conditions of the hard disk, system files, DLL-libraries, registry and other crucial system components. The .BKF file extension branch is supported by Windows workstations and nodes only, unexceptionally.

Programs to open .BKF file - Windows Backup Utility File

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