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πŸ“Œ The .MBF record constitution and make-up are tightly associated with a backup file entity generated and built by Microsoft Money, a program package targeted for tracking business-related and personal funds and finances. In detail, the .MBF hierarchy internally covers an integral backup of the .MNY entry in either uncompressed or encoded visual representation. Precisely, the .MBF extension methodology and principle is broadly utilized for backing up and compressing massive .MNY resources into a common, unified archive set. Therefore, the .MBF format schema can be fluently converted to .QIF arrangement due the involvement and assistance of Microsoft Money program solution. As the time progressed, Microsoft ceased the further sales, distribution, and promotion of the Microsoft Money bundle in June 2009, and then a bit later, i.e. in January 2011, terminated the extended support and maintenance of the overall software initiative.

How to open an .MBF file?

πŸ“Œ The .MBF branch nodes can be reliably and smoothly operated, opened, and handled by Microsoft Money package, an outdated tool eligible for tracking business and personal finances.

Programs to open .MBF file - Microsoft Money Backup File

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