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๐Ÿ“Œ The .NFB data arrangement ordinarily correlates with a backup entry generated and opened up by Nokia PC Suite, a mobile-oriented device management package that serves for synchronizing Nokia-based mobile phones with a PC station or client. Precisely, the .NFB file schema encompasses a recent backup of the phoneโ€™s data, involving system and user info resources. Essentially, the .NBF file pattern is utilized for restoring internal phone content to the identical device or gadget or transmitting requested content to another distinguished mobile device. Basically, the .NFB extension arrangement is established and opened up by Nokia Content Copier bundle operating in scope of Nokia PC Suite distributive set. Sometimes the following software solution is entitled as a โ€œBackup and Restoreโ€ module or plugin built into the Nokia PC Suite bundle. Besides, Nokia phone backup resources frequently employ the .NFC and .NBU tagged marker labels instead of the .NFB file pattern definition.

How to open an .NFB file?

๐Ÿ“Œ The .NFB file objects are available for opening up, discovery, and exploration with Nokia PC Suite, NbuExplorer, or Nokisoft Noki software utilities mostly adapted for Windows architecture of recent and actual editions.

Programs to open .NFB file - Nokia Phone Backup File

  • Windows
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